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Coyoto Peterson was born into a middle class family of Newbury Ohio on 1st September 1981. Coyote Peterson Age, Bio, Married, Wiki, Measurements, Husband, EducationHe has earned significant name due to his loyalty with his work and tremendous performance as an adventurer. Since his very earliest memories as a child, animals have played a huge role in his life. Growing up in a rural suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, Coyote spent most of his childhood outdoors scouring the nearby forests, swamps, and creek beds looking for whatever creatures he could get his hands on; everything from bullfrogs and water snakes, to his fascination with the common snapping turtle ignited his passion for adventure into the wild where there was always something new to encounter.

Favorite Things & General Information
Favorite ColorBrown
HobbiesPlaying with animals, adventure things 
Favorite PlaceAustralia 

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Coyote’s intense passion for wildlife and video production inspired him to combine the two mediums. With entertainment as the catalyst, his goal was to make animal conservation and education entertaining for the next generation of outdoor explorers and animal enthusiasts.

Experiences is his own words

“We have many milestones that we’re so incredibly thankful for. We’re always so busy and hard at work creating the next episode because we release two episodes a week. You finish up one episode in post-production and you’re immediately already thinking about the next one. Since I’ve been home from traveling, for the past two months, I’ve been working on voice-over scripts and conceptualizing episodes for the

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next couple locations. It’s like you never actually slow down to look at what you’ve created. So, I would say one of the greatest rewards comes after an episode’s been released. Then we can go on YouTube and read in the comments section all of the amazing audience members that have enjoyed the series and that episode specifically. How it inspired them to go out and explore their own backyards or to follow their passion to get involved in the world of animals; whether it’s working at a wildlife sanctuary or studying something like marine biology. I think for us, the biggest reward is just being able to inspire people to love the world of animals.”

Inspiration and vision

“Coyote’s vision for the future of the Brave Wilderness brand is vast, and whether he is diving into the water to catch a giant turtle, or putting himself up against the sting of a bullet ant, he aspires to educate and entertain above all else.”

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